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Amalgamated Locksmiths have been providing emergency locksmith solutions throughout Melbourne for over 30 years. Based in Collingwood, our mobile locksmiths operate across Melbourne, delivering emergency security services, including emergency key-cutting, lock repair and re-entry. After hours, our emergency locksmiths will be able to perform most of the same services of our mobile locksmiths, such as lock and key replacement, spare key cutting, access control system overrides, and gaining entry to homes, businesses, cars and safes.

We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services for all our clients, including commercial, domestic and automotive.

Emergency Commercial Locksmiths

Our emergency commercial locksmiths will help restore your business security following a security breach. Our emergency commercial locksmiths will:

Professional locksmith services, emergency commercial locksmith, collingwood
  • Inspect window and door security

  • Check locks and door closers

  • Replace broken or damaged locks

  • Service and open safes

  • Replace keys

Once your security has been breached, it is imperative that you replace or rekey your locks to reduce the likelihood of repeat intrusion. An emergency commercial locksmith will do this the night of your emergency. Locksmiths are trained professionals, and will be able to identify damaged or broken locks, and will be able to advise you on your next commercial security steps.

Damaged security hardware may no longer fit for purpose and will need to be inspected. Following a suspected burglary, property damage or violent storm, check your perimeter security, including padlocks, panic bars and door closers, for signs of damage. And if you suspect any damage to your security hardware, contact one of our emergency commercial locksmiths.

Emergency Residential Locksmiths

Our emergency residential locksmiths provide 24/7 emergency locksmith solutions to our domestic clients. For over 30 years, Melbourne’s residents have trusted Amalgamated Locksmiths with all their emergency residential locksmith needs, including:

  • Lock servicing and opening

  • Safe servicing and opening

  • Alarm and security system resetting

  • Key and lock replacement

  • Spare key solutions

  • Property access

  • Window and door security

If you require a 24-hour emergency locksmith for your home, contact Amalgamated Locksmiths today.

Emergency Automotive Locksmith

If your vehicle’s locks have been damaged, or keys lost, or if you are otherwise locked out of your vehicle, call our emergency vehicle locksmiths. When you call, our team will ask for your details, including location and vehicle’s model, and the nature of your emergency.

Our dedicated emergency automotive locksmiths can recode the majority of today’s car keys, depending on the vehicle’s year, make and model. We will work as quickly as possible to recode a new car key for you. Our expert automotive locksmiths will also be able to open car door and boot locks.

Before you call Amalgamated Locksmiths’ 24-hour emergency locksmiths, make sure you are somewhere safe. For your safety, do not call or wait for us on the road.

Car Key Replacement Solutions

Our mobile car locksmiths are professional, efficient and work as quickly as they can, but reprogramming and cutting replacement car keys can take time. We recommend having a spare car key cut before you need one. We are able to cut and code the majority of modern car keys in-store so visit us today.

Mobile Locksmiths

Some of our mobile locksmiths services are only available during business hours. Larger jobs and non-emergency services, such as free on-site quotes and new hardware installation, are available only during business hours. Our 24-7 emergency locksmith services are reserved for emergencies, such as following a security breach or for clients who have lost entrance to their properties. For more information on our non-emergency mobile services, visit our Mobile Locksmiths service page.

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