Easter is a great time for a break. And it’s a great time for burglars.  As locksmiths working in the Collingwood, Melbourne City and the surrounds suburbs, we see ample evidence of an increase in burglaries over the Easter period.

No home is burglar proof. But you can reduce your chance of being burgled by taking a few simple security measures.

Easter holiday security tip #1: locks on windows

Locking your doors is easy. But many windows are not lockable. So, they’re easy for thieves to break open. We see a lot of burglaries where the thief got in through a smaller side window in the laundry or bathroom. Investing in window locks will give you peace of mind during your Easter holiday.

Easter holiday security tip #2: bring in the bins

Bins sitting alone on the kerb is a dead giveaway that your home is empty. It can be difficult to find a neighbour around to bring in your bins. Like you, everyone is away! But it’s worth the effort to bring in your bins to make your home seem occupied.

Easter holiday security tip #3: check the garage

You probably have thousands of dollars of tools and equipment in your garage. For example, you might have a lawn mower, power tools, ski gear. Some thieves even steal your valued, expensive Christmas lights collection. Keep your garage secure or move your valuables into a more secure place in your home.

Easter holiday security tip #4: hide items well

Let’s say the worst happens and you’re burgled. Your future self will thank you if you take the time now to hide your valuables. Thieves love to grab cash, iPads and jewellery boxes. They sometimes take the safe (if it’s not secure) and break into it later. So stash these items away safely in unusual places that thieves might not consider.

Easter holiday tip #5: create the illusion of security

Obviously, investing in plenty of security measures (alarms, safes, lighting, etc) is your best bet. But that might be beyond your budget. So, the next best thing is to create the impression that your home is packed with security features. This might include signage for a security system, beware the dog signs, workman’s boots at the front door, sensor light fittings that look like CCTV cameras, and other measures.

Easter holiday tip #6: be a good neighbour

Perhaps you’re the neighbour that’s decided to stay home this Easter. So, be a good neighbour! Keep an eye on nearby homes. Bring in the bins. Empty the letterboxes of junk mail. Hopefully some good neighbour karma will come back to you next time you’re away on holidays.

Following these steps will give you the comfort of knowing you’ve done your best to prevent burglary this Easter.