Aperio Access Control

by Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy’s Aperio technology has revolutionised electronic access control systems.
Aperio is an access control system, allowing different users varying levels of access without the need for multiple keys.

Aperio Access Control, Electronic Security, Amalgamated Locksmiths, Commercial Locksmith Melbourne, Residential Locksmith MelbourneFeatures

  • Real-time access control allows you to audit and alter access to the locks in real time
  • Retrofittable to most locks
  • Aperio’s wireless system means there’s no need for expensive, intrusive cabling
  • Each lock remembers its last 200 uses and commands
  • Aperio access control systems are made in Australia to national security and safety standards


Benefits of Aperio Access Control

No need for difficult cabling

Using short-wave wireless technology, Aperio allows our commercial locksmiths to convert most locks into access controlled locks without the need for expensive cabling.

Battery-powered cylinders and escutcheons or locks with integrated RFI readers can be retrofitted to both mechanical and electronic doors. These doors are then connected to a wireless hub, which then transmits their status back to your already existing access control software.

Aperio is a short-wave wireless system working in real time

Each wireless hub connects up to 8 different devices within a 25m range. The hubs allow for real-time access control, additional key override and auditing, so you can both see and control who goes through what door.

Use Aperio on any lock

Aperio devices can be fitted to any door requiring access control, including:

  • Windows
  • Display cases
  • Electronic servers
  • Internal doors
  • External doors (semi-protected)

Built-in memory provides extra security

For extra security, the Aperio access control offline cache will remember the last 200 uses of each lock. Its offline audit trails will also remember the last 200 events of the lock, including software changes, inside each lock.

Aperio is battery-powered

4 AA batteries will last in each lock for over 40,000 cycles, or about 2 years. When the battery life is low, a warning will be sent to the EAC system. Should the batteries run out before they are replaced, Aperio locks can also be overridden with a key.

No need to sacrifice safety for security

Fire-rated, internal doors always allow for emergency use, while external doors lock after a set period. Aperio technology also has remote opening and locking capabilities and each lock can be overridden with a key.

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